Support the national effort if you have community equipment you no longer use

Support the national effort if you have community equipment you no longer use An urgent appeal has been made by the British Healthcare Trades Association for the return of beds and other items of equipment loaned through Community Equipment Services that are no longer in use. Equipment providers have noticed a drop in returns of […]

Poker Star Confirms Coronavirus Diagnosis

It seems a significant proportion of the public are now finally starting to understand the seriousness of the Coronavirus, with its spread now seeing confirmed cases becoming more and more common. It’s ultimately difficult to get away from it and impossible to ignore and the world of poker has now seen one of its significant […]

FM Broadcast August 2018

We have been getting ready for our 2 weeks of FM radio broadcast and it is very exciting! Make sure you listen to us from Saturday 18th August 2018 until 1st September 2018 on 87.9 FM

Grange Hill Radio Special!

We did a Grange Hill special and had 2 original members of Grange Hill come into the studio for an Interview!

Holmer Green Music On The Common

We had a stall at the Holmer Green Music Festival and we had a great day talking to locals and telling them about Chiltern Voice, we also had a show playing that they could hear! There was also lots of great music, stalls and sunshine!

Updating The Studio!

We have been rewiring some of the studio so that we can use our rack room upstairs, which will help us to improve the studio facilities and help with less downtime when we have power cuts or technical problems!

Wiring the studio

One Thursday evening a few of the team found a little bit more time to continue with the work of wiring up the studio. Although these pictures don’t show a great deal, beneath all of the desks we fitted plastic cable trays and we cable tied power along one side and audio/data the other side […]

Fitting our signage

David & Crispian from our committee made some time on Wednesday to get to The White Hill Centre to fit some of the signage, posters and a screen for the station. Signage outside the building, along with several poster sites within the centre, and a large 50″ Plasma TV which Chiltern Voice has donated to […]

Wiring the microphones

Three of the team made their way up to the studio on a Tuesday evening with the aim to fit and connect all of the studio microphones and headphone sockets. Whilst some of this work was started in December, the team manned with spanners and a couple of soldering irons, took their time to connect […]

Studio Build (December 2017)

Our studio building work continued in December with the following updates: We purchased the studio equipment and it was delivered to The White Hill Centre We fitted the studio main microphone and started on some other hardware installation We fitted some of the signage at the White Hill Centre