Keith Nickless

The Rock Show is two hours of hand picked music designed to stir your soul and shake your boots. Anything from 1950s heavy blues to the latest rock infiltrators. I surf the wide ocean of rock to bring you classics and tracks everyone else is scared to play and  interviews with bands. It doesn’t matter i9f you want Queen, Motorhead, Those Damn Crows or  Troy Redfern you will get the best selection and maybe even your new all time favourite track. Requests are welcome, so are new bands. This is the show your ears have been praying for.
The Chiltern Voice Rock show every Sunday 8-10pm , cuddly on the outside the soul of Lemmy on the inside
Keith Nickless and the Chiltern Voice Rock Show. He looks like an accountant but he plays Rock n Roll
The band in the 2nd photo are When Rivers Meet, they won The Rock Show album of the year award. The picture of me oresenting it to them. They have  won several nationa; awards from serious rock magazines including Album of the year and Band of the year.