What is Chiltern Voice?

  • We are a fully licensed Online Community Radio Station
  • We broadcast 24 hours a day online created by local volunteers, and with local information covering the area including Chesham, Amersham, The Chalfonts and Great Missenden.
  • Our programmes are specially designed to appeal to a local audience with a topical mix of speech and music content

Why Advertise on Chiltern Voice?

  • We are a not-for-profit Community project, broadcasting online 24/7 and 365 days.
  • Our aim is to deliver a local radio service to cover local events & activities taking place within our target broadcast area.
  • All staff and radio professionals are unpaid volunteers
  • As a community radio station we can acknowledge your support on air in a number of ways, from overall project sponsorship, to sponsorship of individual programmes or just advertising your company or products (subject to UK broadcast legislation)
  • You can use this opportunity to boost your local community profile
  • We can discuss other press opportunities, such as joint press releases

Online Advertising Rates

(rates change during FM broadcasts)

Although our advertising will help your business, please don’t think of this just as advertising. You are also helping the community, and helping fund your local community radio station.

Package 1 (Lite)

  • Regular 30 second adverts from under 5p per slot
  • 1 x 30 second advert played minimum 50 times per week
  • Your advert will play in rotation with others
  • Your company will be credited on the Chiltern Voice website supporters page (no logo or link)

All regular advertising packages are subject to the cost of Commercial Production. Chiltern Voice offers a low-cost single voice production service for just £40.

Package 2 (Full)

  • Regular 30 second adverts from under 5p per slot
  • 1 x 30 second advert played minimum 100 times per week
  • Your advert will play in rotation with others
  • Your logo will appear on the Chiltern Voice website supporters page with weblink

Online Programme Sponsorship

  • Individual shows can be sponsored by a single company
  • Minimum Sponsorship term is 1 year
  • 6 x 10 sec credits during the programme
  • Further 4 x 10 sec credits on the promotional trail for the programme
  • Your logo will appear on the website page promoting the programme

Feature Sponsorship (prices on application)

  • Travel & Weather sponsorship are available
  • Many other sponsorship opportunities

All sponsorships include free basic 1 voice production sponsor tag by the Chiltern Voice team.
All sponsorships will be created in Chiltern Voice style using our standard station voice-over.

FM Broadcast Range (only relevant when on FM)

Low Cost Commercial Production Service

All advert payments include one low-cost production session by the Chiltern Voice team.

What is included in this?

  • We will arrange for one of our presenters or professional voice over artists to record a voiceover from a script that you supply. This should be based on a maximum of 28 seconds when read at a sensible pace. You can supply your own voiceover but this must be recorded to a reasonably high standard with minimum background noise and in a good acoustic environment.
  • We will edit the voiceover to fit the 30 second slot, and may have to remove certain words if the duration exceeds the length of the commercial.
  • We will then add some appropriate music and sound effects to make the commercial more interesting to the listener.
  • We will edit and mix the commercial to a suitable standard for broadcast, and place it in the broadcast schedule according to the tariff that you have agreed.

What is not included?

  • We are a not able to enter into a process of approval by advertising clients which involves changing the voiceover, music or sound effects, or the editing and mixing of the commercial.
  • We are not able to allow clients to be involved in the scheduling of commercials in our programming, except where specific sponsorship arrangements have been agreed.

What do I do if I want to produce my own commercial?

Many others are available – just search “radio commercial production” on the internet.

What’s the cost?

It’s just £40 to have your commercial made by our in-house production team. Feel free to enquire with the other production companies, costs start from around £150.

Sponsorship deals & sponsor tags include production, so there are no production costs.