Safeguarding Policy

Chiltern Voice recognises that it has a duty of care to safeguard all children and vulnerable persons with whom we come into contact in the course of our business. Chiltern Voice interprets its safeguarding responsibilities as taking all reasonable measures to ensure that the risks of harm to children and vulnerable persons using the radio station or engaged in radio activities are minimised.

Chiltern Voice has a legal and moral obligation to ensure that, when given responsibility for children and vulnerable persons all members and volunteers (including students, external partners and contractors, carers, chaperones, parents/legal guardians, and guests) accept their responsibilities to safeguard children and vulnerable persons from abuse, attempted abuse or neglect.

Chiltern Voice will:

  • take appropriate action if a concern about the welfare of a child or vulnerable person is brought to Chiltern Voice’s attention;
  • seek to protect children and vulnerable persons from abuse by providing a safe environment when they are in the radio station premises; and
  • ensure that children and vulnerable persons are supervised appropriately.

Relevant Personnel:

  • Safeguarding Officer: Emily Culverhouse
  • Deputy Safeguarding Officer: Paul Simmonds

The above named officers have responsibility for ensuring that the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable persons are a priority.

Reporting Concerns:

In the first instance, any safeguarding concerns should be raised to the nominated safeguarding officer.

Safeguarding issues may also be reported to any member of the Chiltern Voice Management Team.

Policy on safeguarding

Chiltern Voice requires that any child under 18 (or vulnerable person) will have a chaperone who accompanies them at all times and is responsible for their safety and welfare.

As an Ofcom licenced station; Chiltern Voice is also required to ensure that all under 18’s are supervised if they broadcast and will ensure that the adult supervising them is appropriately trained. Children under 16 will also require parental (or legal guardian) approval to anything they broadcast.

Chiltern Voice staff will receive training on the laws and regulations regarding minors operating in the broadcast environment.

All Chiltern Voice volunteers and any person chaperoning a minor or vulnerable person should report any concerns to the safeguarding officer as soon as practicably possible.

Photography & Filming

Professional photographers and/or filming or video operators who wish to record an event in which a child or vulnerable person is participating will be required to seek prior permission before the event explaining the purpose the photographs or film will be used.

Chiltern Voice will seek prior permission from the parent or legal guardian of a child or vulnerable person if Chiltern Voice wishes to use photographic or film material for marketing, promotion or web-site purposes. Unless specific permission has been given, the child or vulnerable person’s name will not appear alongside the photograph or video.

Safeguarding Standards of Conduct:


  • Treat all children and vulnerable persons with dignity and respect.
  • Make the welfare of children and vulnerable persons a top priority.
  • Work in an open environment, avoiding private or unobserved situations.
  • Ensure that the child or vulnerable person is appropriately chaperoned at all times.
  • Ensure records are kept of any injury or incident that occurs.

Do not:

  • Be alone with a child or vulnerable person or invite him/her into a private environment
  • Engage in inappropriate physical, verbal or electronic contact with any child or vulnerable person.
  • Offer a lift to a child or vulnerable person outside of agreed activities and permissions
  • Arrange meetings with a child or vulnerable person outside of usual radio activity
  • Accept ‘Friend’ requests on social networking sites from children and vulnerable persons you have met during the course of undertaking work duties, or with whom you conduct a professional relationship
  • Assume it is safe to adopt common sense when policy or practice suggests another, more prudent approach

Last updated June 2023

You can download a copy of this policy here. Chiltern Voice Safeguarding Policy