Supporting your local event

As your local Ofcom Radio Station for Amersham, Chesham and the towns and villages of the Chilterns, we are continually reviewing which local events we are going to be able to support in person; whether it’s providing one of our presenters to act as your master of ceremonies, or getting our technical team involved to do a full outside broadcast from your event.

Of course, if we are not able to support your event in person, then we are still here for you; to publicise the event in advance, even have you into the studio for an interview beforehand, or even just a live phone call on the morning of your event to give people a last minute reminder that your event is happening.

So if you are planning an event then the sooner you get in contact with us the better.  And if you want us to consider being there in person – in whatever capacity – then we need as much time as possible, even (for bigger events) being invited to meet with your planning committee.

Getting in touch is simple; send an email to with a brief outline of your event, when it’s happening, and how you would like Chiltern Voice to support you; and we’ll get back to you to discuss.

And of course, if we are able to support your event, don’t forget to tell everyone to tune into Chiltern Voice, either on 107.4FM, or the website, TuneIn, or your smart-speaker simply by saying “Hey Google / Alexa, stream Chiltern Voice FM”.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Do you provide public address systems, or sound for the entire event, stage, live bands etc.?
    The answer is “maybe”; as a rule, we cannot supply large PA systems, staging, lighting etc. – however we have a range of contacts who hire, install and manage those larger events; that we work with on a frequent basis, and we can introduce you to.
    For a small / medium size event then it’s feasible to supply a PA system dependent on a discussion about the size and scope of its usage.
    Generally, there will be a small charge for this; as well as any additional equipment we need to hire.
  2. Do you charge?
    As a rule, for a community “not-for-profit” event, then as your local community radio station we aim to support your event free-of-charge.
    However, if the scope is larger, see Q1, there will likely be a charge, especially if what you are planning involves the hire of equipment or other costs.
    If you are running a “for profit” event then this would require a discussion.
  3. What do you technically provide?
    Again, “it depends”; for an event where there is no power available, we have the ability to run on battery powered speakers, but bear in mind these have limited (sound) power and duration.
    For an event where we have mains (230V) power available, we have access to larger speakers, mixers and microphones etc. But refer to the answer to Q1.
  4. What about if we want you to cover the event with an Outside Broadcast?
    We are fully equipped to run an outside broadcast from your event, however there are technical constraints!

    • Ideally we need a reliable mains supply (though we can run for a limited time on battery)
    • Ideally we need a reliable Internet connection in the form of a physical (Ethernet) connection – we do have a long network cable!
    • Where a physical connection is not available, then it may be feasible to run via a 4G (or 5G) mobile connection, however experience shows this is not generally as reliable as we would like.
    • Any potential outside broadcast would require a meeting with our technical team.
    • And of course, if we are broadcasting live from your event, and your event is large, or distributed, then why not remind your stall holders or other participants to bring an FM radio with them, and tune into 107.4FM!
  5. If Chiltern Voice is not in attendance, will you still publicise my event?
    Of course! For a community “not-for-profit” event then we’d love to talk on-air about your event, have you on a show to talk about what you are doing and do a phone-in on the morning of the event to remind people it’s happening.
    If it’s a “for-profit” event we will still provide limited coverage, but we would normally expect you to take out an advertising package, or similar, with us.
  6. What’s in it for Chiltern Voice?
    As YOUR community FM station it’s part of our remit! But we’d expect you to use us for a maximum return on our investment.
    So typically, depending on the event, we expect to be “up-front and centre” at your event with Chiltern Voice branding on your stage, access to interview (for later broadcast and/or live) guests, bands or community groups you have; and, of course, Chiltern Voice credited on flyers, posters, web sites etc.

Download this as a PDF file: Local Events Info Sheet